No acceleration in sea level rise

There has been no acceleration in sea level rise for at least 100 years, probably longer.

NOAA Data (Again) Shows No Acceleration In Sea Level Rise. “CO2 › Our Climate In PicturesSea Levels

21 Sep 2012 – Moreover, the sea levels, which have been rising for 10 thousand years, show no acceleration whatsoever globally, in stark contrast to the

Misleading claims about sea level rise – globalwarmingquestions

J. Church and N. J. White, A 20th century acceleration in global sea level rise “Thus there is no evidence for an apparent acceleration in the past 100+ years”.

The Current Wisdom: No Climate-Related Acceleration in Sea Level…/current-wisdom-no-climaterelated-accelera
Walter Olson
by Walter Olson – in 971 Google+ circles – More by Walter Olson

30 May 2012 – The Current Wisdom is a series of monthly articles in which Senior Fellow Patrick J. Michaels reviews interesting items on global warming in the

There appears to be some confusion among climate catastrophists as to the meaning of acceleration and this may help:



Definition: Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity as a function of time. It is vector. In calculus terms, acceleration is the second derivative of position with respect to time or, alternately, the first derivative of the velocity with respect to time.
The SI units for acceleration are m / s2 (meters per second squared or meters per second per second).


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