Science and consensus are mutually exclusive because of the conflict of interest verified by the fact that consensus deals with the popularity of an idea, which has nothing to do with the truth of an idea. Therefore, the term, “scientific consensus” is an oxymoron because by combining mutually exclusive terms, it contradicts itself!

Timothy Casey


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2 Responses to Consensus

  1. Earthling says:

    The Right Climate Stuff
    Apollo Era NASA Retirees publish new report.
    The science is not settled!!
    Current TRCS Overview Assessment & Tentative Conclusions

  2. Earthling says:

    The Glowbull warming consensus myth is restricted to a small group of those who religiously follow a scientific hypothesis claiming that humans are responsible for altering climate by using fossil fuels.
    Without those fuels, science wouldn’t be nearly as advanced as it is and those who want rid of it are well aware of that fact.
    They know full well that fossil fuel is here for quite a long time to come, that’s the part they hate most of all, there simply aren’t enough alternatives to replace it.

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